Where Is Black Mold Most Likely To Grow In Your Home?

When a child or other family member begins experiencing headaches, runny eyes and nose, respiratory distress and other worrying symptoms, one of the first things a homeowner may do is look for signs of mold growth within the home.  There are many kinds of mold that can contribute to health problems, including the very well-known black mold. Where should a homeowner begin searching to discover if their home has mold?

Understanding Mold: What Spores Need To Grow

Mold needs a very specific set of environmental conditions in order to grow.  There are three essential elements: warmth, food, and moisture. The ideal temperature for mold growth is between 60-80 degrees F, which is unfortunately also the range of temperatures most humans like best! Many very common building materials, including wood and cellulose insulation, serve as food for mold. The final element, moisture, can come into the home through leaks in the roof, walls, or foundation; additionally, mold thrives in high humidity environments.

If you’re looking for mold within your home, you’re going to want to look for areas where all three of these essential elements are present. In Westchester and Rockland counties, this means examining ceilings, attic areas, crawl spaces and basements, as well as walls in high-moisture rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen. These are the starting points in your search; for best results, you’re going to want to examine your entire home for signs of mold. Be aware that mold can also grow on the outside of the home, underneath siding and around windows and doors; this mold can be hard to find.

Sometimes homeowners are sure there’s mold in their home or business property, but they can’t find it on their own. In those instances, it’s best to work with a professional Westchester mold remediation company that can thoroughly inspect your property. If they find mold, they’ll be able to show it to you, so you can understand the size and scope of the problem.

What To Do When You Find Mold In Your Westchester Home

Discovering mold in your home can be extremely distressing. For many of us, the first urge is to grab the scrub brush and cleanser and get to work scrubbing. However, that can be the worst possible thing to do. Mold spores can easily become airborne during vigorous scrubbing, which allows them to do two things: further irritate the health of anyone sensitive to their presence and facilitate the spread of mold to other, previously uncontaminated, areas of the home.

The more effective way to address mold in the home is to work with a professional Westchester mold remediation company. Highly trained professionals know how to seal off the impacted areas of your home, preventing the further spread of mold spores throughout your property. Then, using highly effective green cleaning products, all traces of mold are eliminated. The mold may have damaged your home, necessitating repair. Your Westchester mold remediation and abatement company can help you arrange those repairs, as well as provide expert guidance in identifying the factors that are contributing to mold growth in your home. That way you can take steps to prevent the mold from recurring. Independent lab testing provides the