Westchester Parents: How Allergies & Mold Impact Your Indoor Air Quality, And Your Kids’ Spring!

According to the CDC, this spring could be one of the toughest seasons allergy sufferers have seen in quite a while. The severe winter weather we’ve had throughout the Westchester area means that trees and plants will be putting out greater than usual quantities of pollen; spring itself is warm and wet, which exacerbates mold and mildew problems.

What will this mean for your kids? The classic signs of being exposed to an allergen or mold include a runny nose, coughing, irritability and fatigue. Sometimes there are behavioral issues that accompany allergen or mold exposure – after all, when you don’t feel well remembering your manners isn’t always a top priority.

Understanding Allergies & Indoor Air Quality

We’ve had a long, cold snowy winter here in Westchester County. Being cooped up indoors takes a toll. At the first sign of spring, we’re all ready to get outdoors and enjoy some sunshine. It feels so good to throw the windows open and let fresh air in!

Indoor air quality is affected by the behavior of the people who live in the house. When a home’s closed up against the cold and no one’s spending much time outdoors, the chances of allergy-provoking materials making it inside are slim. However, the open windows and time spent outside increases our exposure to these elements. They cling to our bodies and clothes; they ride in on the open breeze.  Additional problems may be hiding in the dust that lingers in uncleaned home heating and air conditioning ducts.

How New Crystal Restoration Can Help Your Family Cope With Allergy Season

If your family has been struggling with allergies, you’ll be glad to know that safe, effective help is available. New Crystal Restoration uses a non-toxic approach. We use green cleaning products and protocols to remove the allergy causing materials from your home. Our duct cleaning service can take several years’ worth of dust and debris out of your home in a single afternoon.  We’ll work with you to help identify your home’s unique vulnerabilities, so you can minimize the impact of allergens moving forward. Everyone deserves to breathe healthy air – especially your kids!

Understanding Mold & Indoor Air Quality

There are several thousand different types of  . All of them are unsightly, and several have the potential to negatively impact the indoor air quality of your home.  Being exposed to mold spores can cause children to manifest symptoms that are very similar to an allergy attack: runny eyes and nose, coughing, headache, irritability and more.

Mold isn’t always visible to the untrained eye. Leaks, floods and water damage that isn’t properly addressed, may result in mold growing inside your walls and on your insulation. Mold testing provides home owners with an accurate, objective assessment of mold levels in the property, allowing you to know whether the air in your home is safe to breathe or if you need to move forward with mold restoration.

To schedule mold testing in your home, call 914-937-0500.

How New Crystal Restoration Can Help With Green Mold Remediation

If mold is visible, or mold testing reveals the presence of hidden mold within the home, the next step is mold remediation. New Crystal Restoration is Westchester County’s top provider of green mold remediation services –we eliminate all traces of mold from your home using highly effective, non-toxic products that solve the issue without leaving potentially hazardous residue behind.

New Crystal Restoration has a special focus on serving the special needs community. We understand how important it can be to minimize the disruption to household routine. Depending on the scope of the mold problem, it may be possible to section off portions of the home requiring treatment, safely containing the mold while it is being treated and allowing the family to continue using the remainder of the home. We’d be happy to talk to you about what your options are. Getting the mold out of your home will make the space safer and healthier for everyone.