Water Damage Cleanup Westchester NY

Understanding the 3 Types of Water Damage During Cleanup

Water Damage Cleanup Westchester NYIt is alarming to encounter water damage in your house. However, it is not always as severe as it appears. All water or flood damage needs cleaning up, but some are less serious and require less work to restore. When water damage is ignored or not, it will always result in irreversible structural damage to your house. This is why you need to contact water damage experts as soon as you notice any signs of water damage. It is also vital to recognize that there are various categories of water damage, each with differing degrees of severity.

Water Damage Cleanup In Westchester NY

Category 1 Water Damage: Clean Water

Clean water damage usually refers to flood or water damage caused by water from a clean sour like flooding due to cracked water pipes, a bathroom tank, malfunctioning water heater, or a faucet. Although Category 1 damage is the cleanest, if left untreated for a substantial amount of time or comes into contact with any form of contamination, it can rapidly progress into a Category 2 or 3 problem. Make sure clean water damage is treated as fast as possible to reduce the risk of contamination worse.

Category 2 Water Damage: Gray Water

Gray water is more dangerous than clean water and could develop if clean water remains unattended for more than one day. A toilet overflow is an example of a gray water occurrence. Toilet water contains microorganisms, and ingesting it could cause illness or, an upset stomach. Stopping the spread of germs inside the gray water is the most essential aspect of gray water treatment. That is why you should always entrust the work to experts. If you wish to begin the repair process before the service personnel arrives, ensure you protect your skin at all times to reduce the risk of contamination to your body and the environment.

Category 3 Water Damage: Black Water

Category 3 damage is the most severe and needs quick treatment to avoid serious health risks. Good examples of category three water damage could include sewage water and water contaminated with drainage grease, urine, and oil. Since it contains germs, pathogens, and other toxins, this water is contagious. Category 3 water damage involves the removal of several items and products from your property, as well as thorough disinfection. Individuals who are exposed to this water are in danger of acquiring an infection or illness in more than 90% of cases. When handling black water, you must exercise extreme caution.

When you are not sure what kind of water you could be working with, give New Crystal Restoration a call. Our cleanup team will determine the water type and continue with an effective plan of action using the correct equipment and training. As you wait for our cleanup crew to arrive, you could take action to protect yourself and your family from polluted water. We always want to ensure you are safe and have the greatest water damage cleanup in Westchester NY, That is why we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.