Strong, Safe & Sensible: 3 Reasons To Demand A Green Disaster Restoration Company

One thing many Westchester homeowners don’t know is that your insurance policy allows you the option to choose a disaster restoration company that you want and you are not forced to use a company solely based on the insurance company’s suggestions. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, fire, flood, or other calamitous event, you want the best local company this is licensed, well-experienced and that uses green, natural products to restore your property to its original condition. Most if not all of the other restoration companies will use harsh, potentially hazardous chemicals to do the job. How can that be the best choice?

Here are three reasons to go green when selecting your disaster restoration company:

Reason #1: Green cleaning products are strong – and you need strong.

Home disasters are really, really messy. After a fire, you’re left to deal with soot, smoke damage, and grime – and that’s all in addition to charred debris and the water and foam used by the fire fighters. Contained in this mix are hundreds of chemical compounds, many of which pose real hazards to human health. The same thing holds true with other types of disasters – flood waters are filthy, and you don’t even want to begin thinking about what happens during a sewer backup!

Cleaning up this type of mess requires strong, effective products. The green cleaning products we use are so strong and powerful they surpass the standards the government sets for hospital disinfection – and believe us, those standards are strict! No matter what kinds of germs, microbes or chemical compounds are lingering in your home after a disaster, we have a green product that will take care of it.

Reason #2: Green restoration is safe – and you need safe!

If you have children, pets, elderly family members, or a loved one with special needs, you’re likely already very aware of how the environment affects their health. Young children roll around on carpets, climb on furniture and anything else they can get away with, and have been known to lick surfaces. Pets will do the same thing, even if we tell them to stay off the furniture. And elderly family members often have chronic health conditions that impact their immune systems, making them particularly vulnerable.

The harsh chemicals used by some restoration companies come with warning labels that caution workers to protect their skin and eyes from contact; it’s also not a good idea to breathe in the fumes these products can create. All of these products leave behind a residue after use. This means that lingering in your carpets, on your walls, and throughout your home is a thin film containing potentially harmful chemicals – even after things are supposedly back to normal. If workers need protective gear to handle these chemicals on the job, how can the residue be safe for your children, pets, and elderly loved ones to encounter throughout your home?

Green cleaning products contain no harmful chemicals and leave behind no problematic residue. It’s that simple. If you want a safe home, you want green cleaning products used in your home’s restoration.

Reason #3: Green restoration is the sensible choice.

We’ve covered how green cleaning products are highly effective and safe. Considering this, you might think that green disaster restoration would cost more than the alternative, toxic methods. But the cost is exactly the same. Talk about an incredible value! Without spending a single penny more, you can have the much better disaster restoration option for your home when you choose green.