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Special Needs

The green cleaning products we use are non-toxic. They have NO VOCs, dyes, fragrances or other hazardous ingredients. These green products are vastly different than those used by most, if not all restoration companies in Westchester and beyond. Our competitor’s use harsh chemicals with warning labels cautioning all to wear gloves, avoid contact with skin and eyes and do not breathe in fumes. New Crystal Restoration makes it easy to see which one you’d want used around your children and loved ones. The non-green products leave harmful residue, and should be avoided by touch, smell or ingestion. You can have your property restored without dealing with these toxic after effects and if anyone in your family has special needs or health issues, you definitely should.


Individuals with autism often struggle with sensory overload. They also tend to dislike any changes to their environment, including any alteration to the scent or feel of familiar objects. Old-school harsh restoration chemicals often have a strong, lingering odor that can be upsetting; additionally, they leave toxic residues on surfaces, which means they shouldn’t be touched or otherwise interacted with. This is an obviously untenable situation for a child with autism or special needs.

The EPA cites poisoning as the #1 cause of death in children. We see no reason to introduce poisons into any child’s home. That’s why New Crystal Restoration features green cleaning and restoration products that leave no odor or toxic residue: they’re highly effective and safe for your family.

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The harsh chemicals used by restoration franchises and companies can be extremely problematic for people with allergies or multiple chemical sensitivities. Being exposed to triggering ingredients in harsh cleaning chemicals, which can linger in the air or as a surface residue, can result in frightening, potentially serious allergy attacks.

New Crystal Restoration services provides people with allergies with a better alternative by using non-toxic cleaning products that effectively address the disastrous situation without introducing new problematic elements into your environment. We’ll work closely with you to understand your unique set of allergy triggers and create a restoration solution that results in a clean, safe, healthy space.

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Medical Conditions

Asthma, COPD, Cancer and those with other medical conditions can be adversely affected by the presence of harsh cleaning chemicals in the home or workplace environment. New Crystal Restoration uses green cleaning products which have proven to be safe and effective in the hospital setting, where many people have health concerns. These green cleaners work extremely well, removing all problematic elements from your property without contributing anything that can make breathing or other life activities more challenging.

Additionally, New Crystal Restoration is highly aware of the need to safely disinfect and restore adaptive devices in the home, such as wheelchair ramps, lift systems, wheel chairs, walkers and more. We’ll work closely with your family and caregiver to understand all disaster affected areas and create a restoration strategy to make your home safe, happy and healthy once again. We’re Westchester County’s leading choice for restoration services in group homes, senior housing, and other care facilities.

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Children, Elderly & Pets

Small children, elderly individuals, and animals often act in unpredictable ways. Who among us hasn’t seen a toddler roll around on a carpet or press their nose and mouth right up against a window? It’s important that every surface a loved one might interact with, in whatever fashion they come up with, be safe and non-toxic.

Children, the elderly, and pets often have less natural resistance to the toxic chemicals used in harsh, traditional cleaners. The odor and residue these chemicals leave behind can make the most vulnerable members of our family in real danger. Avoid these hazards by choosing the safe, non-toxic green cleaning practices of New Crystal Restoration.

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