Water Damage Cleanup Westchester NY

Places of Your Household Most Susceptible to Flood Damage

Water Damage Cleanup Westchester NYWhen you have a water problem in your household, it is usually due to evident external factors like severe rainfall that overwhelms the sump pump or a blocked main sewage system which backs up, flooding your basement. There are, however, several more items on your property that could cause water damage. Water leaks are sometimes evident. However, in some cases, the damage they inflict is minor or occurs in an area of the house that you rarely visit. Standing water in this situation might go undiscovered for weeks and even months at a time, slowly worsening. Below are common rooms of your house most susceptible to flood damage.

Water Damage Cleanup in Westchester, NY

1. Bathrooms

The most common water incidents in your bathroom are overflows. Toilets, sink, and bathtub overflows, like other water disasters, require a quick response. Moisture can penetrate deep into subfloors if left unattended, and if there is a room underneath, it will be damaged as well. Many houses are built with utilities close to one another. Toilets on upper floors are often found over bathrooms on the bottom floor or above kitchens. These are the most expensive rooms on your property, therefore, allowing water damage to go untreated might result in expensive replacement costs.

2. Kitchens

Clogged or even leaky dishwashers are mostly the sources of water damage many kitchens. You are taking a huge risk if you always leave your dishwasher running overnight. Run the dishwasher only when you are at the house and awake. If the dishwasher runs the complete cycle with a leak, then you are much more likely to detect a problem and prevent the damage that could result. Water damage from fridge water pipes is another prevalent source of kitchen water damage. Ensure you inspect your appliances regularly to avoid such problems.

3. Basement

Leakage from natural groundwater or maybe even heavy rainstorms might cause basement water damage in some circumstances. The water heater, which is always found in the basement, might also start leaking when there is more pressure inside the tank, or when the pressure release valve or drain valve is missing or damaged. Make it a routine to check for leaking around the water heater at least once a month. Rusty water or low water pressure are also indicators that your water heater needs to be serviced.

4. Laundry Room

When it concerns the laundry room water damage, there are several potential causes, but the washer is the most susceptible. Washing clothes consumes a substantial amount of water; washing machines may overflow while running, or a hose may burst. If this occurs while you are not at home, you might face serious and expensive damage. Make sure you replace washing machine tubing every five years, or just any time you start noticing damage before that.

Water damage can occur from a wide range of sources on your property. Call New Crystal Restoration if you notice any early warning signals. We will examine the situation and offer guidance. Remember that flood damage is time-sensitive; the sooner you act, the sooner you can restore your house to its previous condition. Call New Crystal Restoration today for water damage cleanup in Westchester NY.