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How To Keep Safe If Your Westchester Home Is Flooded

water damage cleanup westchester nyIt’s easy to get wrapped up in the details of preserving your home and possessions after a flood. There’s obviously nothing wrong with being concerned about your home and possessions after a flood. That is, as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of your safety. From our water damage cleanup experts at New Crystal Restoration In Westchester, NY here are a few simple tips for staying safe if your home ever floods. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Westchester, NY

Use Protective Gear

Using protective gear is a must during the cleanup process. Hazards like contaminated water pose a serious threat to your health and the risk from these hazards can be mitigated by wearing protective equipment. At a minimum, you should wear gloves and respiratory protection upon entering your home after a flood if there is any concern that the water is contaminated. One of the reasons why hiring a professional water damage cleanup company after a flood is so important is because they have access to the necessary safety equipment while you probably do not.

Remove Water Slowly

If your basement floods, pump the water out slowly. Hastily pumping out a flooded basement may cause structural damage. Instead, wait until floodwaters have receded on land and pump water out of your basement a foot at a time. Draining the water too fast is a common mistake which can cause some of the different structures within your home to collapse.

Stay Away From Contaminated Materials

In some cases, floodwater can contain serious contamination ranging from dirty dishwater to chemicals to sewage. However serious the contamination is, it’s important that you keep away from it to prevent endangering your health. Once again, dealing with contaminated materials is a job best handled by the pros.

Disconnect Utilities

As soon as possible during or after a flood, it’s important that you disconnect utilities like your gas and electrical lines. Doing this makes it so you won’t need to worry about being electrocuted or for gas leaks to pose a threat. This is a small step, but it makes a massive difference in how safe the water damage cleanup process is.

Prepare For Mold Exposure

A sometimes unavoidable consequence of water damage is mold growth. Mold exposure is associated with a large number of health problems like irritated skin, itchy eyes, respiratory problems, fatigue, and many others. While removing the floodwater quickly decreases the likelihood of mold growth, it doesn’t guarantee mold won’t be a problem. 

Call For Professional Help

Calling for professional water damage cleanup help is an essential step of staying safe after a flood. A professional restoration contractor will be able to safely handle the damage without you putting yourself in harm’s way. They will also be able to respond quickly to the flood and remove the water more swiftly than you would be able to on your own. 

When all is said and done, your safety comes first. At New Crystal Restoration In Westchester, NY we hope you find these tips helpful for making your health a priority after a flood.