Water Damage Cleanup Westchester NY

Four Safety Hazards After A Flood

Water Damage Cleanup Westchester NYFlood damage is one of the most serious threats your home has to face. However, the damage resulting from the flood is sometimes just the tip of the iceberg. Flood damage is also associated with a large number of threats to your health and safety. 

Water Damage Cleanup Westchester NY

From our water damage restoration professionals at New Crystal Restoration, here are four major safety threats after a flood to look out for. 

Mold Growth

Mold growth is a hallmark consequence of water damage. As soon as 24-48 hours after a flood, mold can already begin growing and spreading throughout your home. Mold poses a safety threat because of the toxic spores it releases into the air. Inhaling toxic mold spores can lead to a host of health problems. Fortunately, they usually aren’t too serious for those with strong immune systems. But prolonged mold inhalation can have devastating health consequences for those with weak immune systems or have difficulty breathing such as asthma. 

Damaged Gas Lines

In the course of a flood, the gas lines in your home could be damaged. This, of course, creates an extremely dangerous situation. If there is any chance at all that your gas lines could have been compromised by a flood, it’s essential that you have them inspected by a professional to make sure there is no gas in your home and that you are safe to reenter.

Contaminated Water

All floodwater from outside the home like lakes, rivers, and water from storm flooding or sewage backups is considered contaminated water. Even overflows from some kitchen sources are considered contaminated if it’s been exposed to grease or food waste. Contaminated water may be loaded with contamination of microbes and biohazards. It’s considered very dangerous because it can cause illness, spread pathogens, and even lead to long-term diseases. In a worst-case scenario, black water will contain fecal matter or raw sewage which can lead to serious illness or even death if ingested. Because it’s so hazardous, you should never wade through flood water or handle items that are soaked with it. Unfortunately, you can’t tell if water is contaminated just by looking at it. So, unless you know for certain that your floodwater comes from a clean source, it should always be treated like black water and dealt with by a trained professional.

Electrical Damage

Because water conducts electricity so well, the fact that flooding can compromise the electrical systems in your home is extremely dangerous. If standing floodwater in your home becomes electrified, it could have deadly consequences. You should always shut your electricity off before entering standing floodwater just in case this has happened in your home.

All in all, though the damage from a flood can be severe, the safety hazards resulting from the flood can be even worse. If your home ever floods, give us a call at New Crystal Restoration today so we can help you take care of the damage and keep you safe in the process.