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Five Tips For Preventing Water Damage During The Rainy Season

water damage cleanup westchester nyHeavy rains pose a serious water damage threat. This is especially true of old homes and homes that were sloppily constructed. From our water damage cleanup team at New Crystal Restoration, serving Westchester NY, here are five tips for preventing water damage during the rainy season. 

Water Damage Cleanup And Prevention Tips For Westchester NY

  1. Clean your rain gutters.
  2. Properly seal your windows.
  3. If your New York home has one, check your basement for leaks.
  4. Check your roof for wear and tear. 

Clean Your Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are designed to help you keep water damage at bay. Unless you clean them out regularly, however, they can actually contribute to water damage in your home. This is because rain gutters will eventually become clogged with leaves and debris over time. When this happens, rain water won’t be able to flow through your gutters and will spill over the top of them instead. If you do keep them cleaned out, however, they will successfully divert water away from your home and reduce the risk of water damage.

Make Sure Windows Are Sealed Properly

When it rains for weeks at a time, your windows and doors act as defense mechanisms for your home. If they’re poorly or improperly sealed, though, they could wind up leaking a lot of heat or allowing water to enter the home. With this in mind, be sure to re-seal your windows and doors before the heavy rains start. Use weatherstripping, foam tape, caulk, rigid foam insulation, or window film to block any air or water leaks and keep your home cozy (and dry) during the spring deluge.

Have your Basement Inspected

Basements are extremely prone to water damage compared to other areas of the home. Not only do water damage threats such as leaky window wells or leaking from ground water threaten basements, but any flooding that occurs upstairs has a high likelihood of eventually finding its way down to the basement. Make sure you have your basement inspected annually so you can find any hidden water damage that has occurred or detect any potential causes of future damage.

Have Your Foundation Inspected

Your home’s foundation is one of your first defenses against water damage. Yet, your foundations are prone to cracking and shifting over time which can allow water into your home. Have your foundation inspected annually so any such water damage can be detected before leads to costly cleanup.

Check Your Roof

Roofs aren’t designed to last forever. There is a wide range with how long roofs usually last but it often falls somewhere between 10-30 years. If your roof falls within or above this range or suffers from damage such as missing shingles or sagging, it needs immediate attention. Water damage resulting from a leaky or caved-in roof can be very severe so make sure you take care of your roof before any damage has the chance to take place. 

These tips should help you keep your home free of water damage caused by heavy rains. If damage does still occur for any reason, however, make sure you call a professional water damage cleanup company for help right away. The water damage cleanup team at New Crystal Restoration is one such company and we are here to help you recover from a water damage disaster anytime day or night.