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Expert Mold Remediation

If you can see visible signs of mold in your home, or you suspect that mold may be harming your interior air quality, call us right away. Do not pull up your carpet or poke a hole in the wall trying to determine the extent of the problem; doing so could expose your family or employees and customers to potentially toxic mold spores.  A member of our team can do this inspection in a safer way!

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How Mold Abatement Works

Step One: Mold Inspection

A New Crystal Restoration certified mold remediation specialist will provide you with a thorough complimentary inspection of your property. If the inspection warrants testing, New Crystal Restoration will obtain the recommended written scope from an independent hygienist and you’ll be provided with an estimate of what it will cost to rid the property of mold. Our prices are competitive and we will match or beat any competitor’s price for the same scope of work. If the competitor’s price is lower, it shouldn’t be, as our industry typically regulates pricing, so the factors that may result in cheaper pricing are due to company’s who do not have adequate training, licenses, use illegal workers or who cut corners to do the job less carefully or who deviate from the recommended scope. We do it right.

Step Two: Mold Containment

Following the discovery and documentation of the mold and mold-damaged items, we set up negative pressure containment, which is necessary to eradicate the actual mold and mold damaged portions of your property. All mold-affected materials will be removed. Our highly trained technicians will thoroughly clean the affected areas using green products and techniques to ensure that all of the mold is eliminated.

Step Three: Check to Make Sure the Mold is Gone

After the cleaning has been completed, an independent hygienist will take air samples and send them to an independent lab to be tested. Beware of companies that test and provide remediation services. One stop shopping is not good in this case. This is a red flag and should be avoided as there in no incentive for the test to be anything other than positive so that the same company will do the mold remediation. An independent lab’s job is to examine the air sample(s) thoroughly, looking for any signs of mold. After New Crystal Restoration has completed our work, the independent lab will then give us the ‘all clear’ signal, confirming that your interior air quality is safe for your children, pets, employees, customers and others, so we move onto the next step.

Step Four: Restoration

Every property is different, and may require different restoration services, from sheet rock replacement to carpet installation, and more. We’ll work with you to create a plan and budget to get your property back to normal.

All work is done by our experienced team of restoration professionals, who have spent years developing the skills and expertise it takes to do the job right. They take great pride in their work and you’ll love how your property looks.

Mold in the Special Needs Home

If there’s one thing that’s cherished by families that have individuals with autism or other special needs, it’s a regular routine – and nothing disrupts that routine like having a team come in to perform mold remediation. If you know your home has a mold problem, but you’ve been putting off getting help because you’re worried about how the process will upset your child, I want to let you know you don’t have to take chances with your family’s health anymore.

We will work with you to address the mold problems in a way and on a timeline that minimizes the impact on your family’s routine. We use the best green cleaning products and techniques to remove all traces of mold from the home, eliminating your family’s exposure to toxic, potentially carcinogenic, mold spores. If a child’s favorite toy or comfort object has been contaminated by mold, we will go above and beyond in our efforts to restore that item to a safe state.  Anyone can save houses. New Crystal Restoration is in the business of saving homes.

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Insurance Documentation

Successfully filing a homeowner’s insurance claim for mold damage requires having the proper documentation. New Crystal Restoration has been serving Westchester County homeowners for over 55 years, and we have extensive experience providing insurance claims adjusters with the detailed, accurate information they’ll need to process your claim. We accept payment from ALL Insurances. Our team will work closely with your insurance adjuster to settle your claim. Our bill will be send directly to your insurance company and we will be paid by your insurance company.

Green Mold Abatement: Safe & Effective

Mold has a ferocious reputation. Many people believe that mold remediation requires the use of harsh, toxic chemicals – you know, the type of things we’re working to keep away from our families? – but nothing could be further from the truth.

New Crystal Restoration uses today’s innovative, cutting-edge green mold remediation products to restore the health of your home. They are safe, eco-friendly and highly effective, delivering property-owner pleasing results.  Acting today will make tomorrow healthier for everyone.

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