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Indoor Air Quality

Mild to moderate indoor air quality issues can have a negative impact on anyone with a compromised respiratory system or other health concerns. Moderate to severe indoor air quality concerns will impact even more people, especially children and the elderly.


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The quality of the air in your home, workplace or other property has a direct impact on how healthy everyone who spends time in that space will be. When the air we breathe in contains biological pollutants, like mold, viruses, pollen, animal dander and more, or the cancer-causing components of second hand smoke, it’s just not good for us. Another factor that can negatively impact indoor air quality, particularly right here in Westchester County, is what are known as the combustion pollutants – chemical emissions generated by fuel-burning heating systems, hot water tanks, and wood stoves.

New Crystal Restoration uses a combination of industrial HEPA filtration and cutting edge green cleaning protocols to remove the polluting elements from your air. We’ll work with you to identify the source of air contamination as well as action steps to prevent the problem from recurring, and leave you with a space where everyone can breathe easy once again.