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Health Emergencies

Highly infectious, contagious diseases such as COVID-19, the Norwalk virus, influenza, and MRSA don’t limit their impact to people. They linger on surfaces, such as door knobs, bathroom fixtures, and more, facilitating the rapid spread of these very dangerous, potentially fatal conditions.

Learn How New Crystal Restoration Can Help Prevent The Spread of These Diseases

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New Crystal Restoration provides the extensive cleaning and disinfection services needed to eliminate communicable disease vectors from your property. We service schools, hotels, shopping malls, college dormitories, health clubs, group homes and senior housing as well as other residential and commercial properties. The cutting edge green cleaning and disinfection products we use surpass the government’s standard for disinfecting hospitals, where infection control is a top priority.

If you’ve had an outbreak of flu, Norwalk virus, or other highly infectious disease within your facility or property, prompt, thorough cleaning and disinfection is an essential process. Our highly trained, professional team will restore your property so it can be safely occupied once again.

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