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Professional Asbestos Abatement

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How Asbestos Abatement Works

Step One: Asbestos Testing

Property is tested to confirm presence of asbestos. We create a plan that addresses the scope of work, timeline and budget for asbestos abatement services.

Step Two: Asbestos Remediation

A trained team of asbestos abatement specialists seals off affected areas of the home, uses engineered solutions and HEPA filtration devices to remove all asbestos, and has asbestos disposed of in accordance with all local regulations.

Step Three: Air Quality Testing

An independent party will take air samples and submit them to an independent lab for testing. They check to make sure no asbestos remains in the air your family, employees or customers are breathing in while they’re in your property. Once we get the all clear, you can safely and confidently move forward with your renovation or demolition plans.

Not Sure If You Have Asbestos?

Home renovations, sales and purchases can be exciting, but if you have any concerns or doubts at all about whether the property contains asbestos, call us first. We’ll come do a quick, simple, free site inspection on the materials which most commonly contain asbestos. If we think the materials contain asbestos, we recommend that you hire an independent hygienist who will take samples and send those samples to an independent lab.

If the test results come back negative, rock on! You’re free to do your property renovations, buy or sell a property with no worries about asbestos. This will save you time and not delay your project, purchase or sale and will save you money by not having to do an unnecessary abatement.

If the test results come back positive, we’ll work with you and the hygienist to create a plan to effectively, safely address your asbestos issues in a timely fashion so you can move forward with your renovation plans, sale or property purchase.

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Your Health Matters

We want asbestos out of our homes and properties because it’s toxic and can create significant health problems. Asbestosis is an inflammatory condition of the lungs that can cause shortness of breath, coughing and eventually scarring of the lungs that makes it hard to breathe. Although it is clear that the health risks of asbestos exposure increases with heavier exposure (workers at WTC) and longer exposure time, investigators have found asbestos-related disease in individuals with only brief exposure. New Crystal Restoration will rid your property of asbestos. We are here to help keep you safe and healthy.