Don’t Let Mold Stop You From Selling Your Westchester Home!

As the Westchester County real estate market continues to recover you may be thinking about putting your residential or commercial property on the marketplace. Facilitate a smooth sales process by making sure your property is mold free before any buyers see the place.

Complimentary Visual Inspections

It’s a great idea to have your home inspected for mold before you make it available for sale. New Crystal Restoration offers complimentary visual inspections, during which one of our trained mold remediation professionals will assess your property. Using their training and expertise, they’ll be able to identify existing or potential problem areas that should be addressed. Further mold testing services are available; call 914-937-0500 to find out more information.

If You Need Mold Remediation

New Crystal Restoration is Westchester County’s top provider of mold remediation services. We have been helping customers for 55 years. We are the region’s first mold remediation provider to use green cleaning products and protocols

. These methods are both highly effective and safe for anyone who occupies the property. Green cleaning products are non-toxic and don’t have the carcinogenic ingredients harsher, less effective treatments do.

Time is often of the essence when one wants to sell residential or commercial properties. Our expedited mold remediation protocols means you can have an independent lab’s certification that your home is mold-free and safe to sell in as little as ten days.

Protect Yourself: Have Your Home Tested By an Independent Lab

Nobody wants to be sued. Throughout the region, failure to disclose a mold issue related to a piece of real estate being sold can definitely result in litigation. For this reason, it’s strongly recommended by real estate professionals that property owners be scrupulously honest when discussing any problems associated with their property. For mold issues, the gold standard of disclosure is an independent lab’s certification that the property is mold-free.  New Crystal Restoration is not a testing lab. An independent hygienist will send testing samples from the properties we service to an independent lab that is not associated with our company in any way.

We do this to ensure that results are objective and accurate. As a property owner, you should never have your property tested by the same company that’s doing the remediation work: the conflict of interest means you won’t know for sure that the lab is acting in your best interest. Our approach means that once you have the mold free certification, you sell your property with confidence. You’ve done everything you needed to do to sell your property in good conscience: great news for you and your buyer!