Choosing a Disaster Restoration Service: Why Local Matters

After a fire, flood, or other home disaster, you’re going to need to call a disaster restoration service to help you get your property back in order. Getting life back to normal is just too big a job to handle on your own, and is potentially hazardous to your health. That’s why home insurance companies maintain a list of approved providers to handle this work for their customers. When making your selection, you’ll likely see some familiar names – national franchise companies with massive advertising budgets – and less familiar local providers. In this article, we’re going to talk about why you’ll want to give the local disaster restoration company a try.

Reason to choose local #1: Faster response times

When a disaster happens, you want a prompt, professional response. Choosing a local disaster restoration service means you’re working with someone who knows where your neighborhood is, and potentially even where your home is, without wasting time trying to figure it out. Local disaster restoration companies are nearby: you don’t have to wait for trucks to be dispatched to your location from halfway across the state!

Reason to choose local #2: Established community connections.

Disaster restoration services do not function entirely on their own. They need to coordinate with local officials, waste disposal companies, construction professionals and more. A local disaster response will already have those relationships in place, and often knows the best, most effective people to work with. On the other hand, the chain restoration companies have exceptionally high turnover, which means there’s little to no likelihood these vital relationships will be in place to benefit you.

Reason to choose local #3: Meaningful accountability

When you choose a local disaster restoration company, you know the people you’re working with live in the same community you do. They’re your neighbors. You’ll see them in the grocery store and at community events. For this reason, they are much more invested in doing a good job than a franchise-type restoration company that has no local ties. If there is a problem, you know where the local company is based, and can get in touch with someone to make it right. With the franchise company – well, they have a website. Maybe you’ll be able to get through to somebody, somewhere.

Choose a local restoration company when you want to be sure your property is taken care of by someone who cares about the community as much as you do. Local ties are important, because they make a restoration company more efficient and effective than a national chain who doesn’t know who to work with and who to avoid at all costs. Local matters, because your home matters.