Menengitis, Norwalk Virus & the Flu: Facility Cleaning for Contagious Disease Control

College dorms, group homes, hotels and motels are often the prime setting for contagious disease outbreaks. Because these facilities have many people crowded together in relatively close quarters, diseases like meningitis, Norwalk virus and the flu can easily be passed from person to person. To keep a bad situation from getting even worse, it’s important […]

Discretion Never Goes Out of Style

“Nothing is more dangerous than a friend without discretion,” John de la Fontaine once said. Mr. de la Fontaine was known for his poetry, not his real estate wisdom, but what he said is definitely something to keep in mind as you prepare your Westchester property for sale. The tight, close-knit communities Westchester is known […]

Where Is Black Mold Most Likely To Grow In Your Home?

When a child or other family member begins experiencing headaches, runny eyes and nose, respiratory distress and other worrying symptoms, one of the first things a homeowner may do is look for signs of mold growth within the home.  There are many kinds of mold that can contribute to health problems, including the very well-known […]

Is A Clean Home a Healthy Home? Not Necessarily

Keeping our families happy and healthy is a top priority for most Westchester parents. That’s part of the reason we devote so many hours to housework – after all, keeping things spic and span is one of the essential steps to protecting our family from harmful germs and pathogens, right? Well, not necessarily. While maintaining […]

What’s the Safest Way to Get Mold Out of a Home?

Having mold or mildew growth in your home is an incredibly distressing phenomenon. Not only is mold unsightly, it smells bad and can contribute to health problems, such as asthma and allergy attacks.  Mold can appear at any time of year, but in Westchester County and surrounding areas, growth is often most apparent in the […]

The Special Needs Home: Our Home Flooded & Now My Daughter Won’t Sleep at Night

“So the way I understand it is that the harsh winter we had caused the ground to heave, and the water main outside our home broke as a result,” Amanda* said. “What I know is our home was flooded. We had at least two inches of water in the front room and kitchen. It got […]

Spring Flooding & Your Small Business: What You Need To Know

Owning a small business is tough. There are so many things to worry about, especially when it comes to the safety and physical integrity of your business. Springtime always brings with it a risk of flooding, whether that’s due to natural events such as ice-jammed rivers overflowing their banks, heavy rainfall or rapid snowpack melt, […]

Don’t Let Mold Stop You From Selling Your Westchester Home!

As the Westchester County real estate market continues to recover you may be thinking about putting your residential or commercial property on the marketplace. Facilitate a smooth sales process by making sure your property is mold free before any buyers see the place. Complimentary Visual Inspections It’s a great idea to have your home inspected […]

Westchester Parents: How Allergies & Mold Impact Your Indoor Air Quality, And Your Kids’ Spring!

According to the CDC, this spring could be one of the toughest seasons allergy sufferers have seen in quite a while. The severe winter weather we’ve had throughout the Westchester area means that trees and plants will be putting out greater than usual quantities of pollen; spring itself is warm and wet, which exacerbates mold […]

Is It Time To Have Your Ducts Cleaned?

Has it been a while since you’ve had your ducts cleaned? For most people, the answer to this question is a definite yes: our lives are so busy that there’s just no time to devote to thinking about having the duct work that delivers warm air from the furnace into the living spaces of our […]

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