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Should I Be Concerned About Mold?

Mold is a common problem that residents of Westchester face, especially after water damage events such as floods, burst pipes, and sewage backups. Mold thrives in warm and damp environments and can grow rapidly in areas with high moisture levels. Westchester is prone to high humidity levels, especially during summer, which can also contribute to […]

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Water Damage Effects On Carpet

Water damage can have a devastating effect on carpets causing not only aesthetic damage but also affecting the overall health of the indoor environment of your Westchester home. Carpets can require water damage cleanup from various sources, including broken pipes, overflows, leaks, and flooding.  Water Damage Cleanup Westchester NY Here at New Crystal Restoration, we […]

water damage cleanup westchester ny

Common Sources Of Water Damage Cleanup

In your Westchester home, there are numerous water sources and each one has the potential to result in water damage cleanup. Knowing the most common sources of water damage will help you take the proper preventative measures to help prevent water damage from occurring in the first place and help you respond quickly when water […]

water damage cleanup westchester ny

DIY Tips For Addressing Water Damage In Your Home

A flood can have disastrous consequences for your home, possessions, and well-being. The heavy lifting when it comes to dealing with water damage should be handled by a professional water damage restoration company trained and qualified to deal with these issues. However, there are still several simple things you can do to minimize the damage […]

Water Damage Cleanup Westchester NY

Four Safety Hazards After A Flood

Flood damage is one of the most serious threats your home has to face. However, the damage resulting from the flood is sometimes just the tip of the iceberg. Flood damage is also associated with a large number of threats to your health and safety.  Water Damage Cleanup Westchester NY From our water damage restoration […]

mold removal westchester ny

Knowing What To Expect With Mold Growth In Your Home

As little kids, we worry about what could be hiding under our beds or in the crawl space of our homes. As a grownup, we have to worry about what could be growing under our beds or in our crawl spaces. Mold is a naturally occurring organism that is found both indoors and outdoors.  Mold […]

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Water Damage & Leaky Windows In Westchester

Water Damage From Leaky Window Units  During a hot summer like this year’s, window units can be a godsend. If your home doesn’t have central air, you can buy an inexpensive workaround. Window units can be even more effective at cooling larger rooms than floor-based air conditioning. They are designed to work 24 hours a […]

water damage cleanup westchester ny

The 5 Cons Of DIY Water Damage Cleanup in Westchester NY

Water damage is always a stressful situation that occurs without warning. It can come at a time when you may not have the resources for a professional, and it might be tempting to do it on your own. However, depending on the severity, it can be dangerous and more costly to do it on your […]

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Top 5 Water Damage Cleanup Steps

In a water emergency, knowing the right steps to minimize damage and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible is important. Follow these top 10 water damage cleanup tips, and you’ll be on your way! Water Damage Cleanup Westchester NY The First Step: Ensure Your safety Water damage can cause: Structural damage […]

Water Damage Cleanup Westchester NY

Places of Your Household Most Susceptible to Flood Damage

When you have a water problem in your household, it is usually due to evident external factors like severe rainfall that overwhelms the sump pump or a blocked main sewage system which backs up, flooding your basement. There are, however, several more items on your property that could cause water damage. Water leaks are sometimes […]