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Answers To Common Questions About Mold In Your Home

Mold Removal Westchester NYMold is one of the most common problems homeowners face. Most people know that mold is not good to live with, but they may not know all the problems that come with it. Here are some common questions people have about mold and what to do when they find it in their home.

Mold Removal—Westchester, New York

What Causes Mold Growth In My Home?

Mold is most common in places that experience a lot of moisture. If you have had water damage, there is a good chance you have also had mold. The most common areas in your home to experience mold growth are bathrooms, basements, attics, crawlspaces, and anywhere that does not have the best ventilation.

How Can I Tell Whether Or Not I Have Mold?

Often if you have mold, you can see spores on the walls, ceilings, or floor. If the mold has formed in places that you cannot see, such as in drywall or the back of cabinets, you can usually identify it by its musty smell. If you notice an odor in your home, you should start to be on the lookout for spores, as well as for signs of undiscovered water damage.

How Long Does It Take Mold To Form?

After water damage occurs, it can take as little as twenty-four hours for mold to start to form in your home. In areas of your home with a lot of moisture, it is important to make sure there is enough ventilation to prevent mold from forming and the need for mold removal. 

How Does Mold Affect My Health?

Mold is toxic, and you do not want to live with it for too long because it can be very bad for your health. If you have allergies, you are more likely to react to mold. People with breathing problems such as asthma are also more likely to notice an effect on their health because of mold. People with respiratory diseases or immune suppression are also at a higher risk of being affected by mold. If you suspect you have mold, it’s important to work with professional mold removal services as soon as possible to limit its impact on your health.

What Symptoms Will I Experience If I React To Mold?

Mold can affect your lungs, leading to coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. It can also lead to itchy eyes, sneezing, stuffy nose, and irritated skin. Other symptoms might be associated with mold, but they have not been proven. If you have any symptoms and you are worried that it might be because of mold, the best thing you can do is talk to a qualified physician for diagnosis and treatment and a qualified mold removal company to address the mold in your home.

How Do I Get Rid Of Mold?

Mold removal can be tricky because it is not good to come in contact with mold, and trying to clean it yourself can lead to it being spread around instead. The best way to ensure that mold is properly and safely removed is to call a mold removal service to test your home for mold and then use the right chemicals and cleaners to get rid of the mold efficiently.

If you have found mold in your Westchester home, you do not want to wait to get it removed. Call New Crystal Restoration for professional mold removal services so you can help keep yourself and your family safe.