Why Choose New Crystal Restoration?

We're Experienced

We’ve been in the disaster restoration business for over 60 years, and in all that time, we’ve learned many things. We know that anyone can rescue a property, but it takes skill, expertise, and passion to save a home or business. We put the client in the center of everything we do, and make getting your life back to normal our top priority. In addition to getting your property restored, we provide the extensive documentation and guidance necessary to handle insurance claims. Additionally, we regularly attend workshops and training sessions keeping us abreast of new developments and technologies in the restoration field. This ongoing education, along with our team's extensive experience in the industry, means you get best in class service to address your disastrous event.

We're Green

New Crystal Restoration is Westchester County’s 1st green restoration company. We use highly effective and the safest green cleaning products on our projects. When we say that green works, we mean it: the products we use surpass the standards set for hospital disinfection! Going green is the best choice for all: adults, children, the elderly, those with health concerns and any pets that may occupy your property. There’s no reason to use toxic chemicals that leave behind hazardous residues – so we don’t!

We're Local

A call to New Crystal Restoration is a call to Westchester's first property damage restoration company. When you call for help, you don’t have to wait for a response to be coordinated and deployed from the other side of the state or even out of state: we’ll be on site right away! Since we have lived and worked in this area longer than other companies, we understand what it takes to help our local community. We know and have worked successfully for many years with local insurance companies, agents, and other local professionals throughout the area. This makes it faster and easier for you to get your property back to normal.

Why wait for some franchise company or out of town operation which masks their location with an 800 # to spend precious time reading a map, trying to figure out where your house is? New Crystal Restoration already knows how to get to where you are. We are Westchester!

We Serve the Special Needs Community

Having a family member with autism has helped our team to be more sensitive and aware of the challenges of the special needs community. One thing our team has learned is that if nobody is out there advocating for the needs of this fragile population, those needs go unmet. We are proud and honored to be a strong voice for the special needs community and our team is more than willing and able to make special accomodations for this population.

New Crystal Restoration is proud to take on this role for the special needs community. Whether someone in your family has autism, allergies, or other health concerns, we will work with you to make the restoration process effective and safe for them. Our use of green cleaning products eliminates many allergen irritants and leaves surfaces free from any toxic residues. Our special expertise in indoor air quality restoration, mold and mildew remediation, and other environmental concerns makes us the absolute top restoration company for anyone with chronic health concerns, group homes, and residential treatment facilities.